Pure Soap Flakes 1.25kg



Eco-Pioneer Pure Soap Flakes are made from 100% pure, natural ingredients from local suppliers.

Product Features:

  • Non-hazardous to the environment.
  • Made from pure and natural ingredients.  Ingredients used before commercial cleaners and synthetic chemical surfactants came on the market.
  • Soap flakes also make an effective pet wash as they will not strip the natural oils from the hair or irritate the skin of your pet (according to the manufacturer).
  • Add essential oil to the wash water with the soap flakes to give your clothes the scent you enjoy (as per instructions on the box).
  • Leaves a small ecological footprint.
  • Eco-Pioneer Soap flakes are manufactured by a process called saponification. The term saponification is the name given to the chemical reaction that occurs when a vegetable oil or animal fat is mixed with the strong alkali, sodium hydroxide, and heated. The products of the hydrolysis reaction are soap and glycerol. Once the soap solidifies it is ground into flakes. Eco-Pioneer uses only natural, vegetable oils to create our soap flakes.
  • Basic automatic laundry soap recipe is found on the side of the box.
  • Box is made with 100% recycled paper fibres and uses non-toxic, vegetable inks.
  • Eco-Pioneer:  a portion of the profits from the sale of this product are donated to charitable organizations that support environmental and social justice causes.
  • Product of Canada.

Directions:  see instructions on box.

Caution:  May irritate eyes.  Do not get in eyes.  Keep out of reach of children.  First Aid Treatment:  if in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes.  If swallowed, drink a full glass of water or milk.  Do not induce vomiting.  Call a physician.

1.25 kg (2.75 lbs) per box.

Ingredients: Pure Soap Flakes (Sodium palmitate and/or sodium tallowate and/or sodium cocoate).