Laundry Stain Remover $0.60/100g



With its gentle and natural ingredients , Pure Fabric Stain Remover demonstrates an excellent offensive strategy, targeted at stains. It completely regulates oil, ink, red wine, makeup, grass stains … The citrus fruits that compose it act by “cutting” the dirt into small pieces.

Then, he makes the pass to the laundry detergent, dret su’a palette ! The detergent takes over, rids the fibers of the fabric of these small pieces … And that’s the goal! In the laundry team game, the Stain Remover gets help on the marked point, with each stain.

Consider putting Fabric Stain Remover in your first trio. We are thinking of making him a small player card to collect eventually. Stay tuned.

Spray on the stain, rub and put directly in the washer. Do not let the product dry to avoid dark circles.