Homeocan Kids 0-9 Sinus 25ML



The Sinus Oral Solution from our Kids 0-9 line, is a homeopathic medicine that helps relieve your child’s sinuses.
It’s composed of natural homeopathic ingredients, with a good taste of raspberry.

It helps to relieve the symptoms associated with cold and allergies such as:
– Runny nose
– Sneezing
– Teary eyes
– Throat irritation
– Headaches

Our Oral Solution has a particular formula:
– Arsenicum album, used for throat irritation and sneezing.
– Nux vomica, used for nasal congestion and headache.
– Euphrasia officinalis, used for irritation and burning tears.
– And other effective medicinal ingredients.

It’s dye free and no added-sugar. Great raspberry taste.