Fabric Softener Unscented $0.40/100g


You’ve completed a task and Love doesn’t notice it? With Pure Fabric Softener, clean clothes smell like clean clothes for a long time! A subtle reminder of a job well done, which will earn you the recognition you deserve. Without you even having to show off. How convenient.

Also practical because:

  • it is thought to be gentle on sensitive skin;
  • it eliminates the static on any fabric;
  • it leaves your laundry with a lasting freshness impression .

When the container is empty, it is kept for filling at a local point of sale. Ecological and economical. A fool of a pocket.

FOR HE FRONT WASHER: 20 ml for a small load and 40 ml for a large load.
FOR TRADITIONAL WASHER: 40 ml for a small load  and 60 ml for a large load.
* Increase the dosage if you want more odor in the clothes.