Dish Soap Mango $0.66/100g



Have you washed your hands enough that your skin has developed a phobia of the dishes? That’s why we love Pure Dishwashing Liquid. Its formula is hydrating . For real, your hands will be able to stop hurting. So much so that you can use it comfortably as a hand soap. The cowards of the dishes will have to find new pretexts.

Designed with a maximum of degreasing agents , it tackles big fat jobs with enthusiasm (hello cooking on the plate!). Ultra-concentrated , you need less to do as many dishes. The bottle therefore lasts longer (savings!). And when it is finished, you can fill it in bulk near you (ecology!). Maybe the kids will even start washing the dishes (… er … magic!).

Pour 2 ml of dishwashing liquid per liter of hot water. Do not use in a dishwasher.