Aromatherapy for Everyone Book



Are you suffering from troublesome issues such as acne, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, respiratory problems, or insomnia? Or are you looking for an air freshener, antibacterial spray, or after-sun tonic without all those chemical additives? Whatever the matter at hand may be, there is a good chance that aromatherapy can offer you a noninvasive way to meet your need. Aromatherapy for Everyone provides easy-to-understand information on how to choose and use the essential oils that are right for you. This revised edition begins by discussing the foundations of aromatherapy, touching upon its history and how it works. It then introduces the reader to the “aroma families” and explains how to build an aromatherapy starter kit, basic aromatic recipes and application methods, and how to protect and store essential oils. It also provides an all-new handy reference guide that matches problems or needs to the essential oils that may be applied to them. Finally, it presents individual entries for fifty-nine different essential oils, describing their origins, listing their therapeutic uses, and recommending ways to use them. Aromatherapy for Everyone puts the world of essential oils at your fingertips and includes full-color photos and fun facts that will educate and delight. Whether you want to take control of your health and well-being or simply create a unique scent for your living space, this book can show you how to do so naturally and effectively.