What can you expect online?

We have expanded our online options to include a wider variety of brands and product selection that are available for free delivery across Canada. 

When you enter our online shop you will choose between curbside pick up and online delivery.

For in store or curbside pick up.

1.Choose curbside pick up.
2.Place your order online.
3. We fill the order for you.
4. We call you when your order is filled.
5. You can call us for curbside pick up (226) 307-0694, or come in and pick up at our checkout counter when it is ready.

For online delivery

1.Choose online delivery.
2.Place your order online.
3.Give your mailing address.
4.Delivery should happen within 3-5 business days.

How are bulk products priced and how do I know how much I am ordering online for curbside or instore pick up?

All of our bulk products are sold by weight. Most products are priced per 100g or 10g depending on what product you are purchasing. Items that are generally purchased in smaller quantities, such as face cream and hand sanitizer, are priced per 10g and can be purchased in 10 gram increments. All other products that are generally purchased in larger quantities are sold in 100 gram increments.

For ex. Shampoo – $2.30 per 100g

If you need 400ml of shampoo, you would set the Quantity to 4 units and add to cart

Tip: If you have other similar packaged goods in your home look at the package size and determine if you would need more or less of that item.

Something is missing from my order…

If this has occurred, it is very likely that we had run out of stock on that item and could not fulfill the order and that total paid for that item will be refunded.

When will my order be ready?

Orders will be fulfilled in order of receipt and are generally ready within 1-2 business days. Keep in mind, we are open Tuesday to Saturday and closed Sunday & Monday therefore not filling orders those days. You will get an email confirmation when your order is placed and another when your order is ready (please check your spam folders!).

What are your hours and where do we pick up?

Once you receive your email stating your order is ready, you may pick up your order Tuesday – Friday 10-6 and Saturday 9-2. Pickups are through our front door on 647 Broadway St, Wyoming. We can only allow 10 people in the store at a time. If there is a line outside the store, please wait 6′ from other customers. When you arrive to pick up your order please state your name and order number.

Need curbside? Let us know when we confirm your order is completed and then give us a call at 226-307-0694 when you arrive.

I didn’t receive an email telling me my order was ready…

Please check your spam folder! If it has been longer than 3 business days (not including Sunday & Monday) please give us a call or email to get an update on your order at (226) 307-0694 or info@suncoastnaturals.ca

I want to add something to my order that I’ve already placed…

If you have already placed an order and forgot something please place a new order and write the prior order in the notes/comment section. We cannot guarantee that it can be added to your order in time but we will try our best!

How to email your order for instore or curbside pick up:

1. Email us at info@suncoastnaturals.ca
2. Include your name and phone number along with your detailed list
3. Wait for a reply