Our Story

SunCoast Natural Health is owned and operated by Sandra, a Lambton County local raised in a farming family and community. Sandra values supporting local businesses and her local community. Her journey to natural products began when one of her children starting showing sensitivities to mainstream detergents and cleaners. After changing only a few of her main detergents and cleaners in her home she noticed a difference herself starting with fewer headaches and a marked improvement in the condition of her skin. This lead to a passion for natural products that are fragrance and chemical-free, which are not only better for our bodies but are better for our lakes and lands as well. Sandra hopes her story will inspire others to make the switch to natural products for their families.

Our Vision

Inspire and encourage cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

Our Mission

To offer a wide range of quality supplements, to help advise and educate our clients to be proactive and progressive in the way they live their lives, inspiring positive lifestyle choices and changes.


Sandra grew up in an entrepreneurial family where the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle” had been part of everyday life for generations. Naturally, the idea of a refillery where you can reuse your containers went from an everyday practice in her life to something she could apply to her business to help other families as well.

Goals For The Future

In the future we hope to host DIY classes both online and in-house – with topics like low waste / zero waste, essential oils, and chemical-free cleaning. We also plan to expand to have Holistic Nutritionists available for customer consultation. Keep an eye on our website for updates!

Our Values

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