About Us

Our Story

My name is Sandra and I am the owner/operator of SunCoast Natural Health, Wyoming’s health food store and refillery. 

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family and community I had always known I would one day run my own business.  I knew it needed to be something I was passionate about and would enrich the lives of my family and my community.

SunCoast Natural Health started out of necessity. One of our children showed signs of reacting to mainstream cleaners, detergents and foods through skin rashes, inflammation and digestion issues. I knew we had to find better, chemical-free options. After visiting a neighboring health food store I not only found options to help heal my son’s sensitive skin and his digestion problems, I was also excited by the selection of items available to enhance the lives of my family through healthy product choices and supplementation.

I knew then I had found something that I believed in and that providing clean living products and supplement options was something I wanted to do for my family and my community 

It has taken me more than eight years from that first health store visit to the moment I opened SunCoast Natural Health on Aug 10th, 2021. My journey has taken a meandering path, but this only added to my determination to open a place that offers a variety of options for those seeking to enrich their lives through chemical-free and sustainable products.

We invite you to be part of our journey to healthier and cleaner living.

How We Got Our Name…

SunCoast Natural Health is a representation of our life and the beauty within it. My husband and I made a conscious decision long before the store was in the works to remain living by the lake, the beach, the beautiful sunsets and the great communities in Lambton County. The name of the store is a continuation of this decision and our life by the great Lake Huron.


I decided to incorporate a refillery in the store layout because it is a fun and eco conscious way to make available the products my customers would be seeking from a health food store. Laundry, cleaning and personal care items are available all the time and there is a scent free option for everything I carry.

Goals For The Future

Education, training and growth for both myself and my customers. I choose to work with companies that produce a quality product and those that encourage personal growth through education and training. Having access to companies and educators that want to help benefit the businesses that carry their products and the customers that purchase them is very important to me.

Our Values


We strive to offer quality supplements to improve health and wellness of our customers.


We believe a healthy balance in life is not something that can be found but is something that we help our clients create for a positive impact on their overall health and wellbeing.


By sharing our insights with our clients, we give them the confidence and peace of mind they need to implement positive changes into their own lives.

Looking for a recommendation?

We’re here to help our clients make positive lifestyle changes by providing product insight and a wide range of quality supplements. Visit or contact us to get started.

4215 Petrolia Line, Petrolia ON, N0N 1R0